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Facing The Job Market


The job market is no easy place. It keeps constantly evolving and their requirements keep constantly changing. Usually in almost all countries there is a scarcity of jobs where a lot of people end up in poverty simply due to the lack of job opportunities. People have the necessary education and sometimes higher tertiary education but still no jobs to suit their academic qualifications. Then they end up being under employed and exploited and their vicious circle of poverty and unemployment.

One of the root causes to this lack of jobs and opportunities is the government policies that do not address the necessary issues in the society. But sometimes the root cause for this is simply the fact that we have not identified the demand and adapted the supply for it. We have not kept tab of what the world and the job market requires from us in the twenty first century. We are still holding on to the traditional areas of expertise and has not adapted our skills and competencies to meet the required from us.

There are certain things that you can do to survive in the job market. First we must do some good research on the job market. We must first see what its evolving trends are in the market. For an example if you are unemployed and is searching for a job you must first see what kind of jobs are in the guest demand and advertised often. Then you must select a few area you think that you may be good at and see if that you have the necessary qualifications needed for that job.

If you don’t have it then it is high time that you get it. You may have degrees and diplomas but if you don’t have the necessary skill levels suited to that particular job then all your educational qualifications are going to go to waste and it will not be counted. So you must then research on the necessary qualifications and join reputed institutions that offers such skill developments. The credibility of the institutions are also highly valuable and should be considered well before joining.

There are specific skill levels that potential employers require from a tradesman or an employee. For an example in carpentry there are different levels like RPL certificate iii carpentry etc. So they will first look in to your skill level and proficiency before they hire you for a specific job. So having followed these courses improve your marketability.

There are skill grading’s for most of the occupations and trades. For an example if its masonry there are certificate iii in bricklaying and many more. So you must be aware of the necessary skill levels.

How you face interviews is also crucial. Even if you have all the necessary skills, education and experience you still need to be able to convince the panel that you are worth hiring. Show them and tell them why you are different from all the others who are present for the interview and what the employer will get by hiring you. It’s all about how you market yourself to your employers.