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Great Ways To Get Your CV To Stand Out

A Curriculum Vitae that is noticed is the first step towards successful employment. It is also considered a sure-fire way of paving the path for the rest of the recruitment stages. Working experience, skills and personality are certainly imperative deciding factors towards being employed. However, if they are not presented in an organized and coherent manner, a CV can easily be dismissed by the recruiting manager. In fact, recruiters tend to be put off by conventional CVs that look the same and can miss out on the perfect candidate simply because their CV looked no different from the rest of the cohort.

Any jobseeker requires a CV that highlights key abilities, work ethics and characteristic, and do so in a way that it appealing and aesthetic to the eye. Traditional CVs usually have an unspoken rule to look clean-cut and professional. Nevertheless, there are still ways to adjust and fine-tune them to make it unique, distinguish it from the rest and secure a follow-up interview. Agencies providing resume writing services can be a great place to look for help in ensuring they meet the requirements of organizations who are recruiting.

These resume writing services can be ideal for jobseekers who want to make sure their CV provides an accurate, unbiased and objective depiction of themselves. The jobseeker can also seek CV writers Perth for themselves but here are a key ways they can get their CV to stand out.

1. Stop using clichéd words

The HR personnel would undoubtedly be tired of reading the same clichéd words that are common among resumes. By using key words and phrases that are not commonly used can give an uplifting and creative touch to the CV leaving the applicant in a positive light in the mind of the recruiter. 

2. Use an adaptable CV

It is imperative to ensure that the same resume does not go out to every organization that is being applying to. It is always better to modify CVs accordingly depending on the relevant job requirements stated for the post. A functional CV allows skills and abilities to be categorically listed. However, a reverse chronological CV would benefit those who are choosing to stick with their chosen career path as they apply for the new post. Secondly, it is imperative that the CV illustrates how the jobseeker, as a potential employee, can fit and thereby aid the organization using their skills and experience. Every organization has a different vision, different values and culture. Considerable research must be conducted in order to know how they can contribute to the organization, and use the CV to ‘sell’ that particular aspect to the potential employer.

3. Be Neat and Succinct

The reason why sticking to two pages on a resume is traditional advise is because this underpins the fact that HR personnel have very short attention spans. Particularly as they have the go through hundreds of CVs and if the first of what they read in a CV is unbearably long and incoherent, they are very likely to stop from reading further.

4. Quantify Achievements Wherever Possible

This amplifies a jobseekers attention to detail and the importance they place in getting results. For, at the end of the day, an employer will look at the results and benefits they bring to the organization. It is a numbers game after all.

Having a CV stand out allows the jobseeker to stand out from the hordes of competing applicants.