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Career Planning

Career Planning

Characteristics Of A Good Employment Support Agency

The modern era is a period where many economies are facing serious unemployment rates and issues. Therefore, you could find individuals frustrated and distraught, as they haven’t been able to find jobs. As a matter of fact, many are facing hardships. These include unable to become independent, inability to support family, etc. For that matter, various agencies have been established to support job seekers. These companies have been able to help many job seekers. Therefore, these individuals are relieved of frustration and are able to get back on their feet. With that said, you might be a job seeker, who’s struggling to start a career.

As a fact, you decide to reach out to these companies with the hope of finding a placement. Given that, you might be confused about the company you should reach out to. Therefore, there are several pointers that would be helpful for you. These are some characteristics that you would be able to find in good and reputed companies. Therefore, consider the following, when you’re in search of an agency:

• Customer friendly

There are many individuals that come to these companies stating ‘I need help finding a job’. Therefore, a good agency should be able to understand and client oriented. As a fact, they would be willing to inquire the employment histories. These agents would be welcoming and acknowledge whatever status clients come from. 

• Guaranteed employment opportunities

On the other hand, there are many agencies that boast about success rates of helping job seekers. A good company would be able to show actual figures of placements. Moreover, they would be convincing and confident, when they suggest possible vacancies. Therefore, customers are at ease and are confident and would have hope.

• Extensive assessment tools

Additionally, these companies use validated tools or assessments to identify various categories of individuals. For instance this includes those have skills up-to-date and are able to start work immediately. On the other hand, the other category includes individuals would require more training. Therefore, these employment services could match the jobs accordingly.

• Large network base

On the other hand, these companies have large contact base of organizations that are hiring. As a fact, you could find plenty of opportunities that match your skills and qualifications. As a matter of fact, select a company that would be able to suggest vacancies of reputed enterprises in your region.

At present, there are many online websites that advertise vacancies of different companies, industries, etc. With that said, you should also be mindful when you’re searching for agencies that support individuals with jobs. Therefore, consider these characteristics of recruitment companies, when you plan to get help from these services.

Great Ways To Get Your CV To Stand Out

A Curriculum Vitae that is noticed is the first step towards successful employment. It is also considered a sure-fire way of paving the path for the rest of the recruitment stages. Working experience, skills and personality are certainly imperative deciding factors towards being employed. However, if they are not presented in an organized and coherent manner, a CV can easily be dismissed by the recruiting manager. In fact, recruiters tend to be put off by conventional CVs that look the same and can miss out on the perfect candidate simply because their CV looked no different from the rest of the cohort.

Any jobseeker requires a CV that highlights key abilities, work ethics and characteristic, and do so in a way that it appealing and aesthetic to the eye. Traditional CVs usually have an unspoken rule to look clean-cut and professional. Nevertheless, there are still ways to adjust and fine-tune them to make it unique, distinguish it from the rest and secure a follow-up interview. Agencies providing resume writing services can be a great place to look for help in ensuring they meet the requirements of organizations who are recruiting.

These resume writing services can be ideal for jobseekers who want to make sure their CV provides an accurate, unbiased and objective depiction of themselves. The jobseeker can also seek CV writers Perth for themselves but here are a key ways they can get their CV to stand out.

1. Stop using clichéd words

The HR personnel would undoubtedly be tired of reading the same clichéd words that are common among resumes. By using key words and phrases that are not commonly used can give an uplifting and creative touch to the CV leaving the applicant in a positive light in the mind of the recruiter. 

2. Use an adaptable CV

It is imperative to ensure that the same resume does not go out to every organization that is being applying to. It is always better to modify CVs accordingly depending on the relevant job requirements stated for the post. A functional CV allows skills and abilities to be categorically listed. However, a reverse chronological CV would benefit those who are choosing to stick with their chosen career path as they apply for the new post. Secondly, it is imperative that the CV illustrates how the jobseeker, as a potential employee, can fit and thereby aid the organization using their skills and experience. Every organization has a different vision, different values and culture. Considerable research must be conducted in order to know how they can contribute to the organization, and use the CV to ‘sell’ that particular aspect to the potential employer.

3. Be Neat and Succinct

The reason why sticking to two pages on a resume is traditional advise is because this underpins the fact that HR personnel have very short attention spans. Particularly as they have the go through hundreds of CVs and if the first of what they read in a CV is unbearably long and incoherent, they are very likely to stop from reading further.

4. Quantify Achievements Wherever Possible

This amplifies a jobseekers attention to detail and the importance they place in getting results. For, at the end of the day, an employer will look at the results and benefits they bring to the organization. It is a numbers game after all.

Having a CV stand out allows the jobseeker to stand out from the hordes of competing applicants.

Things You Need To Know About Being A Wellness Coach

Unlike most jobs, being a wellness coach is quite complicated. Although you might think that this is a simple business, you will not be able to handle it if you do not possess the right qualifications. Since you are directly influencing the life of another person, you need to think carefully about this career. If you do not know much about this career, then you need to take a look at the following. Consider the information given below and decide whether you are suitable for this job role.

The skills

What skills do you need to possess in order to become a professional in this field, this is a question that you need to ask yourself. When it comes to coaching, remember that this is not a job you can learn off from reading or researching. You need to possess the necessary skills naturally. For instance, you need to be a motivational speaker naturally. You need to be able to get people on their feet without much effort. If you are interested about diploma of coaching you can visit this site

The qualifications

Although you might think that you are qualified for the job, you need to think about what your customers think. If you want to gain a credible reputation in the industry, then you need to make sure that you gain the necessary qualifications. In this case, you will have to do a wellness coaching course. This will teach how to motivate and heal other people through the right techniques.

The salary

Doing a health and wellness coaching can cost you some money. This is why it is important for you to ensure that you earn what you invested into the business. Keep in mind that such professionals do not earn much money. Therefore, the key is to build an extensive clientele, who will require your services on the long-term. You need to make sure that your customers are loyal to your services. Having repeat customers can enable you to make good money.

The service method

Since you will be working all by yourself, there is no need for you to start a company or buy an office. It is best to do everything on the internet since it is much cheaper and more convenient. You need to make yourself a professional website. This way, you will be able to attract the attention of those who need your services. You might also want to start a social media page to increase your popularity.

Similar to any other job, being a wellness coach has its own ups and downs. It is up to you to consider these things and make the right career choice.